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Zahraniční pirátské strany k tématu migrace lidí

Zde jsou uložena získaná stanoviska k tématu migrace jednotlivých pirátských stran z celého světa. Pokud byly texty původně v jiném jazyku, byly přeloženy automatickým překladačem od Google do angličtiny.


Migration and Integration

Migration enriches society

We consider diversity, which also develops when people of different heritage live together, as an enrichment to society. We recognize the mutual influence of discrimination by the social majority and segregation of people stigmatized as „foreign“. This situation is not compatible with our concept of human dignity. The technological means to cover comparatively large distances has also fundamentally changed the conditions for migration. The Federal Republic of Germany has been an immigration country for decades. In addition, it is a part of the European Union, which is itself undergoing a process of progressive integration and is gradually taking over more responsibilities. Hence, the German immigration policy faces a quadruple challenge:

The development of the European Union also leads to the completely free movement of its citizens. Today, citizens of the European Union enjoy unrestricted workforce mobility and choice of residence. Within the European Union we see the development towards a completely free choice of residence. Social security systems must adapt to this change. Language training offers and cultural diversity are a part of this development.

Discrimination of labor migrants for several generations is inhumane. People who came to the European Union as labor migrants from former colonies and overseas territories have the right to become naturalized. This includes complete integration into the educational system and the labor market, as well as the option to participate and shape our cultural and political life.

Those states of the European Union which still base nationality on ancestry must introduce rules which give people born within the European Union the direct right to acquire the citizenship of their country of birth. As a consequence, multiple citizenship must be accepted for at least two generations to facilitate the integration of immigrants into the host country’s political and social life. The host countries‘ success at integrating immigrants will be measured by the number of immigrants who are willing to renounce their foreign citizenship out of their own free will.

The European states are required to give immigrants and their descendants a real chance to acquire an education and achieve professional success. Reducing discrimination and enabling all inhabitants to live together in a beneficial manner requires targeted political action. People who are not citizens of a EU state must also have the right to participate in elections for communal representatives at their main residence.

Europe needs economic migration

The economic development of Europe depends on the promotion and utilization of the skills and abilities of all citizens who live here. Unfortunately, past efforts to educate broad segments of society often appeared to promote the opposite. But the demographic development of the European countries permits the forecast that this approach will not suffice to sustain the social security systems. Before economic and social injustice are not eliminated worldwide, the European countries are dependent on allowing everyone to settle here and contribute to Europe’s economic success. This requires rules which regulate economic immigration and distinguish between economic migration and the right to asylum for victims of persecution and war.

The waiting times for a secure residence permit and the chance for naturalization must be reduced significantly; special efforts by immigrants to learn the language and achieve professional integration must be supported; a lack thereof must not be used as an excuse for discrimination. Recognition of foreign degrees, certificates and diplomas must be facilitated to achieve professional integration. We need more international contractual agreements for the mutual recognition of educational degrees.

Providing asylum from persecution and war

Granting asylum against political persecution and the results of war and civil war are essential obligations under international law. This is a joint obligation of all European countries. Individual states‘ efforts to evade this obligation–Germany being one of them–run contrary to this effort. People who seek refuge in Europe have the right to a life in dignity, to free movement and to participation in the workforce, in education and culture. This right applies even if the reasons for their emigration have not been recognized yet. It also applies if it is not possible for the refugees to return to their home country.

United against racism

Racism and cultural discrimination continue to be severe problems which endanger social peace in a diverse society. Violence and intimidation due to heritage, religion or culture are inacceptable in all instances. Therefore, we must oppose racism and xenophobia in any form, just as all other ideologies of hate directed against particular groups. Social Darwinist ideologies, which depict people of certain origins as naturally superior, have been scientifically refuted and are incompatible with the values and goals of the Pirate Party, just like those ideologies which justify a „clash of cultures“ by stating that certain social groups have collective hegemonic aspirations. Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia are examples of such ideologies. Here we must not only focus on the political far-right; we must also oppose prejudice and intolerance at the heart of society: everyday racism, latent anti-Semitic stereotypes and the emerging trend of Islamophobia.

The Pirate Party wants to support campaigns and initiatives aimed at improving the understanding between cultures and ideologies, reducing prejudice and promoting social cohesion. We also support campaigns which oppose activities of the extreme political right and help people to exit these types of social circles.



Handling of asylum seekers is one of the great policy failures of recent years. Domestically, political and legal processes are mired in buck-passing and blame - a dysfunction mirrored in wider regional disputes.[1][2][3] The backlog of boat arrivals has overwhelmed capacity for processing, drownings at sea continue to escalate, and growing evidence is emerging of inept and inhumane handling of the problem in Australia and overseas.[4]

A crisis on such a scale requires a regional solution. We believe efforts should begin at once to set up a single regional asylum seeker 'queue'. Asylum seekers arriving anywhere in the region would be subject to a single processing system overseen by an independent body with all participating nations accepting a share of approved refugees. The existence of a common regional queue would remove specific incentives to travel to Australia, reducing drowning and deterring backdoor economic migration. A transparent allocation process should reduce disputes between nations, and pooling of information should improve document and identity checking. The creation of a new system of oversight allows for a best practice approach built from the ground up, with a humane appeals process and a means for swift and safe return of arrivals deemed not to be asylum seekers.

Such a scheme would require funding, leadership, and specific incentives provided by Australia to encourage sign-up. However, Australia currently spends over $1 billion per year on detention facilities,[5] and redirection of these funds will free up significant resources. Nations such as Indonesia would have strong incentives to sign up, both to receive aid, and to obtain help with settling their own large backlog of asylum seekers. As participating countries would be required to sign the UN Refugee Convention, funding and aid from Australia could become a mechanism for improving region-wide standards in asylum seeker handling.

Asylum seeking is lawful, and detention should not last longer than the minimum time-frame necessary to assess claims and conduct health and security checks. Approved asylum seekers can be brought into the community, provided with support and training, and settled in areas where jobs remain persistently vacant (the National Farmers Federation estimates around 96,000 jobs are unfilled in regional areas).[6]

The Pirate Party believes it is past time that our response to the plight of vulnerable people embodied our best qualities instead of our worst.

Policy text

Set up a single regional asylum seeker „queue“ comprising willing refugee convention signatory countries Australia to offer funding and leadership. All countries take a share of asylum seekers according to a transparent allocation process. A single process will provide common housing, education, treatment and assessment for all asylum seekers who arrive in any participating country. Assessments, health & security checks to be conducted in common, agreed places. Process to be overseen by UNHCR or by an independent, expert organisation. Assessment of backlogged claims to be fast-tracked. Families should be kept together, and asylum seekers may submit preferences on a destination nation. Preferences may be taken into account, but final decisions to be made by the overseeing body in line with agreed quotas. Nations to pool information to assist with document and identity checking. Processing will follow all relevant international law and treaties. Refugees accepted into Australia to be released into the community Successful asylum seekers assigned to Australia to be brought safely as refugees (by plane or naval vessel). Conditions of release should include reporting requirements and continued availability for processing. Peer-driven community training and social services will help refugees understand their legal rights, build social networks, and overcome disadvantage (language barriers, skills, trauma, etc). Refugees to be provided with a basic income (see PPAU welfare policy), a right to work, and a pathway to citizenship. Savings from closing offshore detention centres to be redirected in order to provide: Incentives for regional nations to sign the refugee convention and engage with the plan. Resources to speed processing times, develop humane processing practices, and improve support services in destination countries.


Immigration, Asylum and Refugees

The Pirate Party of Austria is committed to a humane treatment of refugees and migrants. For this reason we want to facilitating the requirements for the transition to permanent residence status. Here is the situation of many years tolerated refugees and those refugees who can not secure its own livelihood to pay particular attention. In the long term to permanent residence permits for refugees who, staying more than five years in Austria to work. The Pirate Party of Austria understands integration as a general government task. The aim is to promote the social, societal and political participation by and with people with migration background independent of their social status, origin, gender, sexual orientation or religion based on the basic democratic order. We are committed to a general suspension of deportations and detention. Deportation is a state coercion, which can only be carried out with the aid of measures often associated with the fundamental rights and human rights in conflict and therefore are unworthy of a constitutional state. The consequences of deportation almost always perform for the people affected in a hopeless situation, and often to danger to life and limb. We generally keep the asylum and immigration law Austria for need of revision, since it does not protect human rights effectively. This includes the design of a humane immigration policy. Permit for asylum Advertisers The Pirate Party of Austria advocates that asylum Advertisers takes place after the first interview, which is a mandatory part of the asylum procedure and after the medical examination and police first interview, get a work permit in Austria. This is intended to undeclared work and prevents slipping into crime and discrimination be prevented. Further promoting employment as quickly as possible integration of asylum advertiser. Citizenship We advocate for the acceptance of double and multiple citizenships to lower the hurdle for adoption of Austrian citizenship and the related voting rights. The compulsion to opting for a citizenship deleted. People who have long been living in Austria are, regardless of economic criteria will have the opportunity to accept the Austrian citizenship. This is part of the integration process, not the goal. We are committed to an unconditional right of all people born in Austria, regardless of their ancestry, on Austrian citizenship a. Embassy Asylum Protection seekers should have the opportunity to apply to Austrian embassies abroad asylum. This message method allows asylum seekers to apply for asylum, without the help of tugs in taking claim and „irregular“ need to enter Austria.

The Pirates are in any case for a human dealing with refugees, because we are deeply rooted in the humanism.

Our fundamental position on the subject of refugee and asylum policy is reflected in our manifesto: https://wiki.piratenpartei.at/wiki/Part … lingswesen

What the current situation is concerned the refugee policies in the EU in my own personal opinion on selfishness and of the short-sightedness of National Governments.

Against the background of the wasting policy in the south and east of Europe, it is not surprising that the people there are in fear of the stranger, you could also take that away from you, in spite of corruption and doom full governance. The man always needs a guilty and is often like to dear down, because he's too cowardly to come upstairs to boxing.

The political class has no bread to offer and feeds the people with nationalism-promotes resentment, the already exist and it is the stranger as a scapegoat. This is the breeding ground on which the xenophobia thrives and the governments, offers the possibility of your own failure.

In addition there is a lack not only to the east with solidarity. If we with one finger on Hungary & co. Show, then three other fingers back to ourselves.

We in the west, be happy to refer to the Dublin Convention, after refugees in the „secure“ country of origin must apply for asylum, they enter the first. I find it pretty cynical, if the states of the north and west, which is far from the centre of the events are removed, just to ensure compliance with this agreement, the terrific insist has failed and the poorer countries in the lurch. Here it needs a fairer system.

But what we in spite of our intra-European competition, the live out our nationalism, and political manoeuvring should not forget that it is to remain human-and that we are only partially, when I look at the pictures and events of these days.


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Odpověď 12.9.2015: Now we didn't define our position still. We can do it during next weeks and share with you. Do you have a hub with position of another pirates groups?


Založili PAD, verze ke dni 12.9.2015: http://piratepad.be/p/immigrationwave

main reasons of the migration wave Fear of the violence that EU and US have contributed to produce +1+1+1+1 Climate change, drought and floods, lack of food+1 +1-1+1 Political instability +1+1+1 Rise of Islam extremism and IS -1+1+1 Dictatorships (Eritrea eg.)+1 (If Dictatorships are one of the causes, then why this sudden wave? There are actually less dicatorships in Africa and Asia now than ever.) Corruption and lack of future prosperity +1+1+1+1+1 Belonging to an ethnic group that is cut off from reaching prosperity+1+1 Having a sexual orientation not accepted by the society (srsly?) +1 srsly Aggravating those, human trafickers taking advantage of the situation by „advertising“ Europe Seeing no alternative to change the situation in the home region - lack of empowerment+1+1 Indirectly: counterproductive Western strategies: reinforcing corrupt regimes, humanitarian aid without longterm vision, taboo on lucrative investments by aid organizations as short term aid has more „overt“ effects,…+1 Predatory behaviour and escape of the victims.

Suggestion: making subdivisions between: Direct and indirect causes, e.g. poverty vs. cultural limitations External and internal, e.g. Western- vs. internal causes of instability „Criminal“ and „situational“, e.g. Human traficking vs. economic system. Countries and regions of the world This because the different causes mentioned might require different responses and strategies, and because some -if not many- of the named causes are in fact part of the same pattern

Suggestion : Facts instead of opinions ! Sources ? Did somebody ask the migrants ? Because I see +1 and -1 on the items in the list above, but who are we to tell which reason is a good one and which is not ? I don't say that the reasons listed above are not good ones or real ones (most if not all of them probably are), I'm just saying that asking the people who are leaving their home/family/friends/country is probably more interresting than trying to guess why they are leaving to come to europe. So if you have sources to motive the +1 or -1 and/or the item added to the list, please add a link or reference or something similar on the pad. If not I'm afraid these can only be taken as potentialy biased opinions… For me opinions are not relevant in this case. Opinions are the reason some people think the migrants are here to take their jobs, organize terrorsist attacks… As Pirate I think we should rely on facts and not opinions. but maybe I'm wrong….

what EU countries should do about the reasons of migration and about migration itself About the reasons: stop messing with politics of countries we don't understand or pretending that we should go there to pacify the region and teach them democracy, the result speaks for itself. +1+1 About migration itself: build a true immigration policy at EU scale, and apply it. There is no reason why Italy and Greece should be left alone if we want to keep talking about an european union. +1+1

Open borders? Instead of closing the EU borders with fences, infrared camera's and security guards and operations which cost millions and millions of €'s Adapt Dublin agreement, which states that refugees should ask for asylum in the EU country where they first arrive. This creates huge pressure for the EU border states, such as Italy, Greece, … It also gives other EU countries in the West and the North the right to send asylum seekers back to these border states.+1+1+1 Make it possible for refugees to apply for asylum outside of the EU, eg. in Libya, so that they don't have to cross the Mediterranean Sea and risk their lives+1 Work on asylum quota to make sure every EU country contributes to the sheltering of refugees In the Mediterranean: go back to and spend more money on operation Mare Nostrum, which had the task to save lives, instead of cutting budget and replacing it by operation Triton, which has the mission to secure the EU borders and keep refugees out Do everything that's possible to restore stability in countries that are broken down in chaos and are a free haven for warlords and IS, such as Libya and Syria.+1 (How?) International law says that, once a refugee reaches European territory, they can't be send back and they have to be able to apply for asylum or have to be offered shelter. But, eg. in Melilla and Ceuta (Spanish territory in Morocco), police catches the refugees who manage to climb over the fences and throws them back into Morocco. This is completely illegal. An argument against taking in all refugees is that it drains their countries of origins of their resourceful moderates, which only increases the downward spiral. That said, refugees from war zones like like Syria deserve every help we can give them. Open borders is an elegant idea, but it does require us to look closely at how our welfare state functions. It could lead to a society with two classes: those entitled to social security and those not entitled to it. It could also lead to a hollowed out social security with all the resentment that causes.+1+1 One of the most interesting ideas I've seen proposed so far (don't remember where) was to lease 'protectorates' from states outside the EU, similar in status to the one Hong Kong used to have. These would not be glorified refugee camps, but development zones where political and economical migrants are welcome and protected, These would interact economically with the host regions, so the resourceful migrants do not disappear into the EU but keep interacting economically and politically with their countries of origin. Would also function as a place where they can actually request asylum inside the EU if needed. Interesting idea but alas not very probable in this political climate. Also maybe a bit too state-centric to be a pirate idea, though you could see them as similar to the 'pirate republics' ofold :-) Similar idea: as the vast majority of refugees of the Syrian war are found in the neighbouring countries such as Lebanon and Turkey, why not work with them? Provide protection (Turkey's in NATO so that's implicit), invest heavily first in humanitarian aid, then in economic development. Give them the means and tools to take back their homes from a safe haven, but don't do it for them (no useless 'bombing campaigns' or 'limited action', we've done enough damage with that). Downside is that we'd be interfering again, and the neighbours have their own agenda's in the Syrian conflict (see Turkey vs the Kurds, or the insane maze of alliances and enmities that is Lebanon). Update: It's already started, see De Morgen, in which De Wever proposes a separate (inferior) social statute for refugees. Get ready for the society with two speeds. There are two main political view of the orgnanisation of foreigners. the „English“ one, is to create a „getto“ with quite a homogenous population the „French“ which promote the integration the foreigners in the country.+1 The right information (transparency) is often hidden behind the emotional priorities.+1+1+1 Is there a Pirate who wants to maintain a document about this? Short term: Not open borders. Sorry, its a great think to work towards, but in the current situation it would completely destabilize Europe, cause -understandable- frustration and agression in the indigenous populations who feel their territory, culture and society threatened, and only encourage further migrations.+1+1 Free movement of persons across the globe should be considered a human right. A closed borders policy would be a violation against such right. Asylum seekers should be handled when they arrive, not when they depart. Smart management of arriving refugees is key. I'm for the „every neighbourhood should get his Syrian Family“- line of thinking; Just to avoid alienation with the dominant culture (and problems like ghetto's) Support African initiatives. Discourage the trip. Fight traficking industries.+1+1 Raise awareness in the EU population the this is not an exclusively African problem; the situation is dangerous for the west too and needs to be adressed asap.+1 Long term stop enforcing the colonization clichés. Aid initiatives which are lucrative and/or culturally disseminative are currently taboo in academic, political and popular spheres, as it is immediately related to „neo-colonialism“. The result is little interest in investment from economic actors. The opposite are Chinese and Indian investors who are taking over the African market and economic sphere, often with little regard to local needs and human rights, but nonetheless capable of creating lasting infrastructure and long-term economic opportunities. As a middle ground, the west should invest more in local initiatives, treat africa as a potential market instead of a dump for used clothes, and africans as potential consumers rather than needy children. Africa is a potential economic partner, and it is not morally wrong to treat it that way.+1+1 (What about supporting Africa union idea? That would solve problems with nonsense borders in Africa and will make those countries a big powerful partner for Europeans)+1 It should definitely be recognized supported. The strength of such a „union“ depends on many factors though. Many things will have to change on the lower levels first. Good idea for long term. Stop requiring and investing in impossible democratic advances: democracy needs a transitionary period and an economic and intellectual basis. Creating a self-aware middle class is crucial for any further autonomaus development.+1+1 Stop holding on to neo-colonial national borders and political entities, and look at the African map pragmatically. +1+1 Formally request the United States to take in some of the refugees.The IRC (International Rescue Committee) suggests the amount of Syrians the USA should take should be at least 65000.

Must see for everyone who is interested in the topic of migration: the Vice documentary 'Europe or Die' (10 episodes)+1



20. Internationalism

We Pirates proclaim internationalism as a founding principle of our action. It represents an unavoidable instance of resistance to repression promoted and adopted by Nations in relation to the castration of fundamental human rights. We defend the extension of the full enjoyment of citizenship to immigrants, unrestricted solidarity and integral respect to freedoms and liberties, including the right to vote and receive votes.

I. We promote universal citizenship and claim full solidarity to all the people that fight around the world against oppression;

II. We need to promote mechanisms of detection, denounce and proscription to political violence practiced by State and State agents against oppositionist or minority groups, including foreigners. We cannot allow institutional xenophobia to be a driving force for Public Policies developed by the National State;

III. We recognize and foment linguistic, ethnical and cultural diversity in all areas;

IV. We value transparency and independent supervision of international cooperation and humanitarian aid, including denouncing and fighting all anti-democratic ways and expressions of the nationalist speech;

V. We want the recognition of universal jurisdiction for genocide cases and serious violations of human rights, and to fight against racism, xenophobia and all correlate ways of social discrimination;

VI. We demand a reform of international institutions to reaffirm the civil and individual representation in the international plane;

VII. Respect to universal principles that rule the concession of asylum in all situations involving risk to life, freedom and dignity;

VIII. We denounce the statocentrism in International Relations;

IX. We seek historical and educational recognition, denouncement and cataloging of cases of genocide, ethnocide, democide, femicide and other instances of physical suppression of minorities or oppositionist populations and promotion of policies and repairing mechanisms, including the repudiation to ethnocentrism in all dimensions of political life.



Winnipeg, Manitoba – September 5, 2015 – The refugee crisis in Europe suddenly hits home to most Canadians with the release of the photo of the dead child Aylan Kurdi. It is time for us to acknowledge the folly of our foreign policy. The government responding to the media questions claim the solution is more than just accepting refugees. While that is true, the solution is not as simple as the war against ISIS. The crisis was years in the making as our allies supported dictatorial regimes thinking they were friendly regimes that would uphold their interests in those countries and regions. At this point in time, it is increasingly difficult to introduce open and real democracy in those countries. A real democracy, that is free from corruption, would have prevented the emergence of ever worsening extremism. Extremism that has now turned those nations into uninhabitable places, where mothers and children would rather risk their lives escaping by sea than to suffer another day in their fallen country.

We should stop supporting dictatorial regimes no matter where they are. Our government has turned a blind eye to the plight of the Egyptians in deference to the authoritarian regime there. Among its many victims was one of our own, journalist Mohamed Fahmy[1]. We sell arms to the Saudis [2] and until recently we were silent on Russia’s persecution of dissenters [3]. All these cases show that when we don’t deal with dictatorships at their earliest stages, we create a malignant regimes that supports terrorism [4] and causes its countries, and the world to suffer from their transgressions.

We must immediately work to introduce democracy, not the type that we have right now, but a democracy that is free from corruption, unlike that in Iraq. A democracy with real Open Government is the only form of democracy that will prevent corruption that turned so many countries with rich resources into nations where their citizens suffer from abject poverty. If we want to neutralize ISIS and whatever worse succession that will follow it, we need to give the persecuted people hope through genuine democratic reform.

Following World War II, the world came together to rebuild Germany and Japan and prevent them from becoming failed states. A fate Germany experienced after World War I that allowed Hitler’s popularity to rise [5]. The world needs to come together. That can never be achieved when our leaders use war as the only solution. Refugee families like that of Aylan Kurdi, who washed ashore on a Turkish beach, whose application for refugee status was turned down even though a Canadian family had offered to take them in through private sponsorship. We live in one world and we have to work together to fix this problem which has been decades in the making. We need to act soon. But no one country can tackle this problem alone. The world will be a better place if we have a policy of zero tolerance for despotic regimes and do not engage in business with them. What can be done? Be resolute in seeing to their demise. Be generous in rebuilding their country, and introduce a corruption resistant Open Government [6]. A genuine Open Government must be introduced not only in Canada but around the world.


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Odpověď 12.9.2015: The Danish Pirate Party has no official opinion on immigration. Dotaz 12.9.2015: thanks. And are you working on one? Odpověď 12.9.2015: No. Apart from social media activity, the party is essentially dead. A few of us are working on „rebooting“ the party under new management, due to the inactivity of the old one, and their reluctance to hand over control.


Estonian Pirate Party has issued a press release on another similar occasion, that it doesn't think border treaties are needed in borderless world (it was about Estonian border treaty with Russia). We have not issued a separate statement on refugee crisis, but I presume it stems from the same basis and as far as I know, in several occasions the board members have all supported welcoming the refugees. Although this doesn't mean that we don't have opposition to taking refugees among our members, who have claimed that it is not fair, since living standards of our own people are miserably low and several kinds of our own „sisepagulased“ (intra-country refugees) need to be taken care of. Thinking about the possible outcome, if we really started a discussion on what would be the statement, which we as pirates can all agree, probably we'd say that we are for the free movement of people and borderless world, but as such it doesn't help much and on present occasion the issue needs to be properly discussed among Estonian public and none of the opposing opinions should be suppressed with the reference to hate speech etc. Therefore we should use experience of deliberative democracy gained from our famous but at the present situation sadly forgotten Rahvakogu project and instead of shouting sermons at each other, we should move toward agreement on sort of global social contract and our level of commitment in it.



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We still have no „french position“ on immigration https://wiki.partipirate.org/Programme:immigration (not still voted by our general assembly)

Nevertheless i think we can say that we are on the german position (manifesto) :

14.1 Migration enriches society

We consider diversity, which also develops when people of different heritage live together, as an enrichment to society. We recognize the mutual influence of discrimination by the social majority and segregation of people stigmatized as „foreign“. This situation is not compatible with our concept of human dignity. The technological means to cover comparatively large distances has also fundamentally changed the conditions for migration. The Federal Republic of Germany has been an immigration country for decades. In addition, it is a part of the European Union, which is itself undergoing a process of progressive integration and is gradually taking over more responsibilities. Hence, the

German immigration policy faces a quadruple challenge: to 14.3 14.3 United against racism

Racism and cultural discrimination continue to be severe problems which endanger social peace in a diverse society. Violence and intimidation due to heritage, religion or culture are inacceptable in all instances. Therefore, we must oppose racism and xenophobia in any form, just as all other ideologies of hate directed against particular groups. Social Darwinist ideologies, which depict people of certain origins as naturally superior, have been scientifically refuted and are incompatible with the values and goals of the Pirate Party, just like those ideologies which justify a „clash of cultures“ by stating that certain social groups have collective hegemonic aspirations. Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia are examples of such ideologies. Here we must not only focus on the political far-right; we must also oppose prejudice and intolerance at the heart of society: everyday racism, latent anti-Semitic stereotypes and the emerging trend of Islamophobia. The Pirate Party wants to support campaigns and initiatives aimed at improving the understanding between cultures and ideologies, reducing prejudice and promoting social cohesion. We also support campaigns which oppose activities of the extreme political right and help people to exit these types of social circles.

in french : https://wiki.partipirate.org/Programme:immigration:proposition


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Jižní Korea

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Odpověď 12.92.2015:

Afaik the party has been effectively dead for quite some time, so you probably won't get an answer (and if you do, it will probably be one person's opinion)


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Nový Zéland

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State policy: Our democratic rule of law has many shortcomings that need to be fixed: Big sections of the population are excluded from voting. The path to citizenship is made ​​unnecessarily difficult. Election hurdles exclude parties. Election campaigns are financed from dubious sources. We are committed to participatory democracy and for the observance of the rule of law. The need to reduce bureaucracy. Laws should be constitutional and human rights compliant, practical, effective and proportionate and be reviewed after that.

Environmental policy: finite resources must be protected, so that our planet for future generations remains as livable. The sustainability problems must be solved globally. With new technology, fact-based policy, properly set incentives and international cooperation this can succeed.

Social policy: We stand for a dignified life for all. The focus is on one's own responsibility and independence. Social policy in the sense of pirates creates opportunity for people to get their lives under control. Equality of opportunity must be further improved and the so-called social mobility can be increased. This may cost a bit. Education should be free for all. The digital revolution requires a flexible labor market with controllable risks or sufficient guarantees for all stakeholders.

Company policy: Far too many prohibitions and regulations restrict the free way of life. We want a modern marriage law, reconciliation of work and family, gender equality, legal euthanasia, inclusion of people with disabilities, legalization and controlled availability of drugs and defend the achievements to date against conservative attacks. We want to realize the social participation of all people.

Foreign policy: We believe in cooperation rather than isolation. The flight to nationalism is not an option. We are looking for an active foreign policy, human rights, democracy and peace is the center and the fear policy opposes. The European Pirate Party movement aims at the democratization of the European Union. Without appreciable (direct-) democratic and rechtststaatliche progress is for the Pirate Party Switzerland joining the EU is not an option. For the further development of bilateral relations is a pragmatic solution to the „institutional issues“, ie an international tribunal, be found.

Economic policy: where we are always possible for a free, decentralized, resilient market within a legal framework laid down. The innovative and responsible entrepreneurship, as well as volunteering to minimize hurdles stand in the way. Consumers should be protected from deception and employees from exploitation. But this should happen without statist overregulation. Structural conservation measures and foreclosure are expensive and not effective. It should apply the polluter pays principle. Monopolies are effective to fight.

Fiscal policy: The government institutions, education and infrastructure may cost a bit. Can be saved through efficiency improvements and through the reduction of subsidies, repression and empty runs in the administration. We want a much simpler tax system without loopholes.

Security Policy: Packages surveillance measures, banning orders, Internet-Pranger etc. are massively overused. The police and judiciary must again be clear limits. The repression must be shut down and instead, been increasingly social work. The mixing of military, police, intelligence and judiciary we fight. A Secret Service does not need to Switzerland, however, espionage must finally be seriously pursued.

Justice: We want to strengthen the independence of the judiciary. The military courts must be replaced by regular courts. Human rights must be strictly observed in criminal proceedings. The criminal law does not have the task of creating an alleged revenge by justice, but should be an incentive to abide by the laws. Generally binding legal norms and court decisions must be made ​​publicly available.

Migration policy: The travel and freedom of establishment is an important achievement, which is to be expanded gradually. Switzerland should again cultivate a culture of welcome and absorb immigrants quickly as full members of society. Anyone who wants to build an independent existence in Switzerland and the necessary application applies, should be allowed to wander freely. A free migration also keeps our economy because the population may be much easier to adjust the labor market situation.

Education policy: We stand for a strong primary school. Recent reforms should not be blocked. The school should be secular. Learning materials should be licensed free and accessible. We advocate greater investment in early intervention. For us, education is the most appropriate measure to overcome social barriers, ie to allow vertical social mobility. Also for the success of inclusion of all people should be recognized at the level of education as early as possible.

Vyjádření jednoho z členů:


Escape Help instead traffickers After the refugee drama in Austria drums politicians to fight the traffickers. The criminal gangs benefit from being refugees have little opportunities to legally enter Europe. You need to trust traffickers and often risking their lives.

This is untenable. It needs new ways to vulnerable persons, such as families and older people, to enable a safe journey. For an application for asylum is needed today no embassy. A form on the internet would suffice. Visa applications can be made online in Switzerland today.

Who in future is in the country of origin online for asylum and receive a positive decision, can use secure transport such as airplanes and ferries for the trip. Civil society organizations also had the opportunity to support requests and contribute information that would facilitate and accelerate the examination.

The Switzerland would it good, their much-vaunted «humanitarian tradition» to revive. An asylum-switch on the Internet could enable many people to live in security and dignity.

Read the open https://docs.google.com/document/d/1M3GWoc0olP-IFqmyk7WNTAbkOcLV34SKpkY36_U9TMU/edit letter to President of the Confederation Simonetta Sommaruga.

Vyjádření dalšího z členů

Proposed solution to the refugee problem

Immigration to Switzerland

When immigration to Switzerland you have to distinguish between two very different situations: First, the voluntary migration to live and work here. These include the migrants from the EU as well as economic migrants from Africa. Second, genuine refugees fleeing war or persecution and whose life or health is threatened by force in their country of origin. Only to these refugees, click here. Unfortunately, many people do demagogues precisely this distinction, but it is important because this is two completely different things that need to be resolved completely different. For example, it was neither in mass immigration initiative still in Ecopopinitiative refugees. Both wanted to reduce the number of voluntary immigration. For the refugee problem, however, neither party has a compelling solution available, at the very least the two major parties left and right. At this point, I offer a pragmatic solution proposal, how to defuse the situation, and still would be open for genuine refugees.

The refugee problem

Normally, the Schengen / Dublin agreement works and Switzerland takes its stake to at refugees and distributes them to the cantons. But now the situation is more and more escalate and get out of control. Dublin is no longer implemented. The refugees flock to tens of thousands to Europe, they risk their lives to cross the Mediterranean, they torment themselves through the Balkans to get to Western Europe, the local authorities in Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary are totally overwhelmed. Tractors take the refugees from all the money and bring it here yet in danger. This is an intolerable situation and it needs new solutions. By contrast, the EU could not agree on a „distribution key“, and it will probably not be able. And even if the countries could agree that refugees would still funneled using unscrupulous traffickers en masse to Europe, are the more added, the more come. So it needs a solution that Switzerland also can perceive alone, without the other States. Another problem is the long duration of the procedure, during which the asylum seekers live in Switzerland, but not allowed to work and not be integrated. Since human resources are wasted and people are asked for years in the waiting loop.

The approach

I see the problem is not with the tugs, I see it in the situation, which makes the assistance of tugs necessary. Clear could end war and persecution in their countries of origin, so that the refugee problem would be solved most effectively, but that is not in our power. On money it lacks many refugees are not, on the contrary, they are paying thousands of dollars to the tractor, no security and no guarantee of success. But why not simply increase the refugees in an airplane, but if they have money? The answer is sobering: Because no airline takes you, not even if they pay for everything! Therefore, the refugees only take a dangerous path to Europe, because they have to. The airlines are forced by an EU rule, to examine the visa of passengers, and to carry passengers without a visa at his own cost.

Now there are two logical solutions: Man raises this rule to, or better yet, one granted the refugees already in their home country for a visa. Until two years ago the latter was possible, then the so-called embassy asylum was abolished. But even with the embassy asylum there were refugees who were their dangerous path directly into Switzerland. It is sufficient therefore not to introduce only the embassy asylum again, for as long as you can apply directly for asylum in Switzerland, refugees come directly to us.

The solution is a combination of: asylum requests will be accepted only in a Swiss representation in the country of origin and not in Switzerland. Those who come directly to Switzerland, can here provide no refugee application, but is deported immediately. Where a refugee seek asylum in a Swiss Embassy, ​​will immediately decide whether the person is in immediate danger. If she is at risk, they will receive asylum in the embassy when it is not in immediate danger, she lives and works as normal in the country of origin continues as long as it has been to the asylum claim examined. If someone is believed he will receive from the Swiss representation directly for a residence permit for Switzerland. With this he can then freely enter legally by plane to Switzerland. However, those who take a tractor, has no chance and is dismissed. Of course, one must then also consistently all refugees without any ifs and buts ausschaffen who come directly to Switzerland, because otherwise the process is not working.

If there are in a country no longer representative, such as in Syria, requests should be made in a neighboring country. Even those who had already fled from their home country may apply for asylum in a neighboring country. The person must then provide a plausible explanation of why he does not apply for asylum in the homeland. Who has no money for a plane ticket, could put on the Swiss representative a request for assistance. So you can deal makes sense with exceptional cases.

Two categories of refugees

There are two categories of genuine refugees: One group is in imminent danger to life and limb, for example, as dissidents or reporters who have criticized the government. Such refugees come typically from dictatorships, in which, although peace and order prevail, but where dissidents are persecuted. You are personally persecuted, there are some that we can take up in Switzerland without problem. The other group fleeing war or chaos, or it will all ethnic groups persecuted. These refugees are not at risk as individuals personally, but to hundreds or thousands. Accordingly, it is also about hundreds, thousands or even hundreds of thousands of applicants. We know the date from Syria or Eritrea. In these cases it is clear that although each individual has an entitlement to an asylum, but Switzerland can not possibly accommodate all, and the Swiss representative would be overwhelmed, to examine all applications. In such cases, quotas are to be adopted, for example, you could limit the number of applications that may be submitted to a Swiss representation per day. In such cases, you can also specify criteria the conditions under which someone is picked up. It makes sense to take as a criterion of how well a person or family could integrate in Switzerland would. It could be an advantage if someone has learned a profession that is in demand in Switzerland, or if someone shows use to learn German. You could also take a quota of vulnerable and needy people. Exactly the way is already done: Switzerland analyzed together with the UN in Lebanon after weak or sick Syrians, which are then allowed to come to Switzerland.

The advantages

My suggestion would solve many problems: The business of the tractor would break, people would no longer be in the Mediterranean hundreds die. The refugees would tear and could use the funds again for meaningful tasks than to block the borders. Those who come to Switzerland, had from the outset a proper work permit and could be integrated much easier. In Switzerland, it would take a single asylum center more. There would be no unemployed people more who loiter. Who in the country of origin has a work could continue this follow up until the application for asylum is examined and then looking directly in Switzerland for a new job and an apartment. It would take only a temporary accommodation until a refugee has found a job and an apartment. Even those who may have to be hidden in the country of origin in the message, would live at the local, much cheaper cost. The bottom line would only benefit all: Switzerland would save a lot of money and could afford a much more targeted assistance. No one would risk his life to go to Switzerland because he would no longer have it advantage. That would end the business of the tractor. We could actively control how many refugees we take in the field of specialization, and we could take the refugees to a degree that we can easily be integrated into our society. The best part of my proposal, however, is that Switzerland does not have to co-ordinate this with the EU, they could do it easily. One can venture the experiment readily. And if Switzerland is successful with the system, the other countries would almost certainly follow suit.


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dobry napad, no zial, aj u nas su názory pomerne rozporuplne, takze ti mozem povedat akurat moj postoj, citovanim textu, ktory je pre mna jednou z najhlavnejsich autorit: „Všetci ľudia sa rodia slobodní a sebe rovní , čo sa týka ich dostojnosti a práv. Sú obdarení rozumom a majú navzájom jednať v bratskom duchu.“


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UK - Spojené Království

A rational points based immigration system

The demand for certain skills that are in short supply in the UK has made immigration vitally important for both the public and the private sector. Well-managed and well-controlled immigration is important to ensure that the UK remains competitive and innovative. We will therefore ensure that immigration is well managed by ensuring that record keeping related to entry into and departure from the UK is suitable. Without detailed information about the flow of people into and out of the country it will become difficult to ensure that the areas where immigrants are settling are able to cope with both changes in the level of demand and changes in demographics.

Immigration applications should be considered not only on the basis of what skills an immigrant brings to his sponsor and whether an applicant is able to support themselves without any recourse to public funds, but also where the applicant is intending to live and work.


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