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PPI GA 2012 Full financial report

Entry Amount (CZK) Amount (EUR) 1) Record Note
Registration fees 1 21498 859.92 Record PayPal (26×25 EUR + 7×35 EUR)
Registration fees 2 62256 2490.24 Record Cash ( (31*35 + 54*25 + 2*40 + 1*20) EUR + 75 CZK)
Registration fees 3 17909 716.36 http://pir.at/wire Wire transfer 2)
Total savings 101663 4066.52 All payment methods
Rent 32000 1280 Record Rent for the conference venue
Copy center 1728 69.12 Record Voting ballots, statute amendments proposals, etc.
Travel ticket 1 210 8.40 Record Travel ticket for Tom Vymazal to the organizing team meeting
Travel ticket 2 210 8.40 Record Travel ticket for Tom Vymazal from the organizing team meeting
Travel ticket 3 210 8.40 Record Travel ticket for Tom Vymazal to the conference
Taxi for Cory Doctorow 729 29.16 Record Taxi for Cory Doctorow to the airport
Name-tag covers 1276 51.04 Record Plastic covers for name-tags (disregard the filename of the record file)
T-shirts and buttons 17615 (14365) 704.60 (574.60) Record Organizing team T-shirts and attendee buttons (excluding the express delivery charge) 3)
Telephone statement 1565 62.60 Record Telephone statement of Tom Vymazal (organizing calls cost more than he could handle)
Interpreting devices 2160 86.40 Record Wireless receivers used for interpreting
Refreshments for journalists 185 7.40 Record
Markers, Glue, Scissors 798 31.92 Record Accessories to be used at the conference
Bank deposit fee 1 30 1.20 Record
Bank deposit fee 2 30 1.20 Record
Total expenditures 58746 (55496) 2349.84 (2219.84)
Savings minus Expenditures 42917 (46167) 4) 1716.68 (1846.68) This amount will be transfered to the PPI bank account once it is transparent.

1) All of the EUR amounts are CZK amounts divided by 25. They are not to be taken as factual amounts.
2) We're unable to determine the number of 25 EUR and 35 EUR payments respectively because of the PP-DE payment you can see if you visit the link that is displayed under Record.
3) The PP-CZ have agreed not to charge PPI for the express delivery excess charge as the delay that was overcome by this express delivery was entirely PP-CZ's fault.
4) As you can see here the final balance on our account is lower than it should be, I will try to find out why but I suspect it's because of all the CZK to EUR to CZK exchanges that happened. I will also try to find out, why there's a 59383 CZK withdrawal from our account while it should have been only 58746 CZK.
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