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Přístup k Public Domain Manifesto

Dopis zaslaný jako listina o přístupu České pirátské strany 4. února 2010.

Instruments of Accession

To whom it may concern:

It is my pleasant duty as the International Relations Executive of the Czech Pirate Party to inform you that the State Board of the Czech Pirate Party has approved in a vote on 1st February 2010 that I should sign the manifesto (http://publicdomainmanifesto.org/node/8) on behalf of the Czech Pirate Party. We consider this to be the accession of the Czech pirate Party to the manifesto.

As the procedure that §6 of the Statute of the International Relations Department requires for signing the treaty has been fulfilled, I request that the signature of the Czech Pirate Party, political party in the Czech Republic (Czech: Česká pirátská strana), be added to the list. The webpage is http://www.ceskapiratskastrana.cz/ and we display the manifesto on http://www.ceskapiratskastrana.cz/wiki/:en:publicdomain.

Also, I would like to inform you that if the Czech translation does not appear any time soon, we shall publish our own translation which will be made public under CC-BY-SA.

We would welcome if you should like to add our logo to the list (also under the CC-BY-SA license). http://www.ceskapiratskastrana.cz/pages/tiskovy-servis/ke-stazeni.php

Do not hesitate to contact me in case you need details.

Best regards,

Jakub Michalek
International Relations Executive
Member of the Committee for the Intangible Assets Law Revision and Freedom on the Internet

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