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Pozvánka na jednání Evropských Pirátů ke společnému programu pro volby do Evropského parlamentu na téma Hospodářství

Dear fellow Pirates,

At the end of November 2015, the European Pirates have agreed on a new roadmap to the common election programme for the European Parliament elections 2019. On a recent meeting, the Czech Pirate Party has taken an initiative to organise the next meeting.

Therefore, we would kindly invite all the members to the next meeting, this time concerning a topic „Economy“. The meeting will take place on 17th of February 2016, 20:00 CET on the NRW-Mumble. Please pass along this invite to anyone who you think should participate in this process.

During our first meeting in November, following issues came up: EURO crisis, EU tax, Youth unemployment, North / South slope. Any other relevant issues, that were not mentioned in November can be added as well. Now it's up to all of us to collect the vital information for the topic and ask for specialist within your pirate parties. It is important to know the current view on this matter from all European Pirate Parties, as well as getting input from informed experts.

Any pre-shared information (especially the official view of your Party on economical topics and especially the issues mentioned in November) is welcome for the preparation of the meeting. Please write your information directly into a pad https://eu.piratenpad.de/Economy-cep2019 until 13th of February 2015. Alternatively you can send it to cep@ppeu.net and we kindly ask anyone responsible for it to add it on agenda. During the meeting, we will agree on the most important issues and discuss them in detail.

On behalf of the team,

Jan Lipavský and Alexandr Mansurov

Czech Pirate Party

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