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Argumenty pro přijetí Bernské úmluvy o kopírovacím monopolu

The answers received to these questions formed the basis for a number of resolutions which were presented for discussion at the Congress which met between 4 and 8 August 1873. The first Resolution which was adopted by the Congress was that “The protection of inventions should be guaranteed by the laws of all civilized nations”.i Seven “reasons” were advanced to justify this Resolution. These were:

(a) The sense of right among civilized nations demands the legal protection of intellectual work. (b) This protection affords, under the condition of a complete specification and publication of the invention, the only practical and effective means of introducing new technical methods without loss of time, and in a reliable manner, to the general knowledge of the public. © The protection of invention renders the labour of the inventor remunerative and induces thereby competent men to devote time and means to the introduction and practical application of new and useful technical methods and improvements, and attracts capital from abroad, which, in the absence of patent protection, will find means of secure investment elsewhere. (d) By the obligatory complete publication of the patented invention, the great sacrifice of time and of money, which the technical application would otherwise impose upon the industry of all countries, will be considerably lessened. (e) By the protection of inventions, secrecy of manufacture, which is one of the greatest enemies of industrial progress, will lose its chief support. (f) Great injury will be inflicted upon countries which have no rational patent laws, by the native inventive talent emigrating to more congenial countries, where their labour is legally protected. (g) Experience shows that the holder of a patent will make the most effectual exertions for a speedy introduction of his invention.ii

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