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This page serves as informative resource about the Pirate Parties Europe initiative, because information on both PPI and PP-EU servers is outdated. Note: PP-CZ is not participating in the formal structure preparations, we are merely observing and discussing with our colleagues.

Statutes (last updated August 2012)

Purpose of the Organisation

Purpose of the organisation is to represent the European Pirate movement towards the European institutions and to work in the interest of its members by, amongst other things:

  • Facilitating coordination and cooperation between its members.
  • Assisting its members to promote the Pirate movement in Europe.
  • Taking as its principles the Pirate manifesto, as will be annexed to the statutes.
  • Functioning as a link between European Pirate Parties and Pirate MEPs.
  • Encouraging and support its members in organizing events focused on European topics.


  • approved in Manchester, December 2012
  • PPEU shall have a Council and a Board.
  • (17) Each Member Party and Member Organisation will send Delegates (and name substitutes) for the Council. (optional: exact numbers are to be determined later)
  • (18) The substitutes may only decide on the vote if the first delegate is not present or unable to vote.
  • Statements 17 and 18 that got accepted also apply to Special Members.
  • Any other Parliamentarian Member of the Council may only attend the Council meetings personally and remotely.


  • PPEU shall have a Body For Arbitration.
  • The Arbitrators will be proposed by the Ordinary Member Parties.
  • Each Ordinary Member Party may propose one Judge.
  • How each Party will propose their Judge is their own business (But preferably in a democratic election).


Past Events

Results of Manchester and Paris can be seen above.

The Barcelona conference mostly included Rules of Procedure and statutes changes from there were reflected into the statutes draft.

Three informal/working mumble meeting happened in May. The fourth, which was planned for June probably did not take place.

Next Event

PP-PL (Radek Pietron) will organise the next PPEU statutes conference around July, 27th-28th 2013 in Poland.

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