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Full Powers for Mikuláš Ferjenčík

Full power from the 5th January 2010 authorizing Mikuláš Ferjenčík to communicate and negotiate with the PPI

Full Powers

I, Jakub Michálek, born February 6, 1989, International Relations Executive elected by the State Forum of the Czech Piraty Party on November 16, 2009,

hereby authorize in accordance with §8 od the Statute of the International Relations Department of Czech Pirate Party (StZO)

Mr. Mikuláš Ferjenčík, born March 3, 1987, living at Choltice 30, 533 61, (plenipotentiary)

to take part in the proceedings and all negotiations with Pirate Party International and sign all the treaties on behalf of the Czech Pirate Party that regard cooperation of the Czech Pirate Party with the Pirate Party International and its member parties when at conferece therof. Treaties that impose enforacable obligations on the Czech Pirate Party shall be signed with the reservation of ratification by the Board of the Czech Pirate Party.

The full powers will end together with the end of my term, at November 16, 2011, at the latest, unless I repeal it in writing.

Notice: According to §6 StZO the text of a treaty is to be adopted on behalf of the Czech Pirate Party by at least one representative for international relations, who signs the treaty as well (plenipotentiary). Binding treaties shall be signed with the reservation of ratification by the Board. The Board shall resolve before the ratification whether to bring the treaty before the State Forum. These provisions do not exclude a stricter proceedure that the treaty forsees. According to §7 ratified binding treaties that forsee obligations for the members shall be executed by the Board or the State Forum by issueing an ordonance. The regulations of a ratified treaty, which contradict a law of higher legal force, shall not be executed.

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