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This page sums up the conditions under which you may use the pirate encyclopedia, which are prescribed by the laws of the Czech Republic. In a nutshell:

If you don't wish your data to be processed and published, just don't contribute.

Thank you for helping to develop the wiki with your creations.

Definition of Terms

For the purpose of this agreement according to the law on the protection of personal data

  • personal data shall mean any information relating to an identified or identifiable data subject. A data subject shall be considered identified or identifiable if it is possible to identify the data subject directly or indirectly in particular on the basis of a number, code or one or more factors specific to his/her physical, physiological, psychical, economic, cultural or social identity;
  • sensitive data shall mean personal data revealing nationality, racial or ethnic origin, political attitudes, trade-union membership, religious and philosophical beliefs, conviction of a criminal act, health status and sexual life of the data subject and genetic data of the data subject; sensitive data shall also mean a biometric data permitting direct identification or authentication of the data subject;
  • personal data processing shall mean any operation or set of operations that is systematically executed by a controller or a processor in relation to personal data by automatic or other means. Personal data processing shall mean, in particular, the collection of data, their storage on data carriers, disclosure, modification or alteration, retrieval, use, transfer, dissemination, publishing, preservation, exchange, sorting or combination, blocking and liquidation;
  • published personal data shall mean personal data that are disclosed, in particular, by mass media, other form of public communication, or as a part of a public list;

Certain web pages (such as the znalosti) have the character of data processing and it is therefore necessary that the subjects (natural persons to whom the personal data pertain) be informed and consented.

By editing the pirate encyclopedia (wiki) you consent that all content herein created can be used by the pirate party and all those who can access it under the conditions of license, and you agree with the processing of the data that you insert into wiki.

The Czech pirate party may process all personal and sensitive data for the purpose of the administration of the basement of her members and supporters, social contacts and information of the public. The data may be combined with the data acquired for the same purpose. The means are the internet, leaflets, media and other information channels and the method lies in changing the text. The Czech pirate party may publish all personal and sensitive data that was inserted into it.

Access to the data

The access to the data shall be administered by the administrators of the wiki. If you use personal or sensitive data you agree with their publication.

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