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Transparent Organization

Openness is the best cure for both the omnipresent corruption and waste of resources. Modern technology gives us a unique opportunity to control government spending through transparency. The Pirates demand immediate transformation towards transparent organization, which will recover public trust in government. The Pirate Party itself successfully uses transparency model.

A transparent organization is a norm in both information access and finance management control. All subjects benefiting from public sources must be transparent. It is our money spent, contracts are made in our name, our documents are handled by the government. Annual reports are not enough. We urge for free access to information which - thanks to the modern day technologies - is now possible. All documents of such a transparent organizations must be easily accessible on the Internet.

Transparent organization

  • publishes all the information about its activities on the Internet (that includes accounting, contracts, structure of property, authority decisions, agenda), except information that is excluded by the law.
  • all the finance management should be done exclusively via a transparent bank account which is publicly provided by a relevant bank on the Internet
  • carries out competitive tendering using two-stage model
  • exercises effective internal mechanism for control and enforcement of transparency rules

All competitive tenders must be assigned in two-stage model. In the first stage a transparent organization announces reasoned assignment proposal, which can be objected to by any participant until deadline. The selection committee will announce its final decision in a public session. All tender offers, contracts and statements of intent will be announced on the Internet in sufficient time before they comes into force.

This transparent organization model must be applied to all government offices, local authorities and health insurance companies, political parties and citizens associations, which are funded by public finances and/or grants.

In order to reach the goal of transparent organization, the state will facilitate the creation of free software, which will help any transparent organization to effectively fulfill its duty and lower its expenses.

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