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Civil Service Law

We promote rapid implementation of civil service law, which we consider to be a necessary condition for a professional, efficient and non-corrupt administration.

We want to clearly separate political and civil service posts and make sure that politicians can not interfere in officials´ day-to-day decisions.

The Service Law is necessary for determination of fair criteria for selection procedures for civil service jobs, for protection of office workers against political pressures and for exact rules of career advancement.

The Service Law will determine the education and expertise requirements on officials, and their testing. Officials must above all know the laws. They have to know how to solve practical issues of the citizens and how to take advantage of modern technologies.

The Service Law should also introduce personal responsibility of officials for their decisions. It is not acceptable that officials do not respect laws, unnecessarily impede proceedings on matters affecting citizens or ignore the court decisions. They will take full responsibility for incorrect official procedures and they will be punished by disciplinary measures. The state will demand a restitution payment of damages they have caused.

The clear separation of legislative and executive power is missing from the current constitution. We realize that the remedy will require amendments of the constitution and that this may take a long time. When we manage to gain a ministerial position within the current system of government, we will aim to choose one of our members or supporters who is an expert in this area and who will present the best guarantees of fulfillment of the Pirate Party agenda. The ministerial selection, recall of ministers, and the determination of the professional requirements for the ministerial posts, will be amongst the exclusive powers of the nationwide forum.

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