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Rule of Law

We will fundamentally clarify the legal system using new technologies, so that it becomes better suited to the demands of modern information-based society. We will create a free and easily accessible application which will give people access to all the laws and regulations in a cross-indexed form. In order to further increase transparency, people will be able to comment on laws both during their creation and during their application.

Today´s bloated bureaucracy is the result of pressure by interest groups which benefit from lobbying and legal confusion. This situation can no longer be simply patched up. It is necessary to: a) fundamentally change the legislative process, b) publish a definitive list of laws and regulations which are currently in-force, c) make the list available on the internet within a free information system and d) commence the process of the law reform.

Legislation must be formulated unambiguously and using flawless language so that, taken together, they represent a unified and consistent legal framework. Every statute must be indispensable, enforceable and proportional. Whenever these goals are not met, the statute will be rescinded or replaced. According to the principle of the democratic minimum we will promote the prohibition of riders and we will demand compulsory impact assessment for all new proposals.

The legislative process must lead to predictable political decisions. The Pirate Party supports wide public discussion of all proposed regulations, using information technologies. We will involve people and voluntary organizations in consultations during law preparation, so that they may contribute their concerns. We will institute an electronic system whereby the public will be able to report any superfluous bureaucracy or legislative errors. There will be a special parliamentary commission to process these contributions.

We will enhance the accessibility and the enforceability of the law. The law will be made accessible to everyone on the Internet, as will be all published regulations and those still in preparation. The need for standard legal terminology, including thesaurus, cross referenced against other regulations and case law, is self-evident. We will arrange for the creation of free software so that every member of the public will be able to download all the legal information, including the technical standards, and follow them quickly. We will significantly speed up court proceedings by simplifying the administration, introducing electronic procedures, and instituting penalties for delays.

The Pirate Party will introduce, in the form of the civil service law, penalties for officials who do not respect quality requirements on the regulations, or who make decisions inconsistent with the law and the decisions of the higher courts. We will introduce constitutional safeguards against the abuse of power. In particular, the political independence of the chief state prosecutor, so that crimes can be properly investigated and property can be restored when gained through political crimes.

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