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Political Parties

The function of the state depends, to a considerable extent, on the function of the political parties. Therefore we advocate transparent economic administration of political parties, independence of parties on the business sector and level playing field in political competition. The political parties can work for the good of public and can contribute to the cultivation of political environment only when these conditions are met.

To ensure effective inspection of economic administration of political parties, the election contribution should be paid only to those political parties that applied the model of transparent administration. The current level of the election contribution will not be paid in full but will become the upper limit. The actual amount will be related to the small gifts to each party by the citizens.1) Thus voluntary gifts from citizens will gain more impact.

Breaking of connection between advertising agencies that today rule the public space and political campaigns is the necessary condition for free competition of political parties. We promote the Berlin model of election campaigning, where designated public areas are made freely available to all parties participating in the election. There are also certain rules which regulate the amount of advertising and ensure its removal after the elections. Should any political party break the rules, it faces a fine or a confiscation of its election contribution.

Political parties are one of the tools of social discussion. Their ideological competition must be as open as possible. According to our constitution, free political competition is based on free competition of political parties which reject violence as a means of furthering their interests. Therefore we consider it unacceptable to abolish political parties for any other reasons.

We do not agree with artificial barriers which prevent formation of political alternatives and force the votes into old political structures. Advantaged election contributions for bigger parties and the cut-off vote percentage limit for entering the parliament disrupt equal conditions of the political competition. The natural threshold is a sufficient regulation mechanism for gaining one mandate. For the same reasons we want the deposits required for parliamentary, European, and Senate elections to be replaced with petitions signed by a certain number of citizens who support the candidacy. In elections, political parties will not be shielding themselves by money but rather by people.

We realize that political parties are not all that is needed for a democratic function of a society. Therefore we promote related changes in freedom of speech and democracy with bigger involvement of citizens.

1) E.g. The state pays to any political party which exceeded 0,5% of votes in the parliamentary elections the same amount as it was given by the citizens, up to 5000 CZK, per citizen, per year.
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