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Democratic minimum

Democratic minimum is a declaration which every candidate of the Czech Pirate Party is required to sign before each election. Other political parties can freely join in.

Democracy without openness, information, and discussion is just an empty word.


  1. I vote and decide in accordance with the program to which I applied and I follow prescribed rules,
  2. I will use available options so that I will gain information required for my decisions,
  3. I will support only a proposal which I am familiar with and that I am able to defend.

In addition, while approving mandatory rules:

  1. I vote and decide in accordance with what I consider to be beneficial for the whole society to whom the rules apply,
  2. I will not support a proposal if all concerned did not get enough time to read it or they did not have the opportunity to exercise their comments in a debate,
  3. I will not support a proposal if the explanatory message is not listed, or do not cover all the relevant impacts of the proposal or refer to unprovable or false facts,
  4. I will not support unrelated amendment (limpet) or provision that is clearly outside the defined scope of the present draft and can be discussed separately.
  5. In case I want to support a rule that does not meet these requirements, I must ensure that it will fulfill them, otherwise the proposal cannot be supported.
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