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Can you imagine that you are cut off from the Internet? You can't find a timetable, send a payment order, get qualified work, send e-mail nor read the latest news? That's the reason the Pirates promote access to the Internet as a fundamental right.

People use the Internet for work, education, entertainment and social contact. And they are justly outraged when somebody prohibits Internet or blocks their access to the information they seek. Pirate Party wants the state to not interfere with the communication amongst people on the Internet.

States must not turn off the Internet, disconnect people nor block access on the basis of some list of banned sites. The state must not be allowed to even watch transmitted informations, which would permit them to do so, and not even via Internet service providers.

Nowdays the Internet is as important as water or electricity. The right to a quick Internet connection ought to be included among the basic human rights as it is in Finland. The society must focus on the investments in infrastructure, removing barriers and appropriate planning and creating the conditions for a quick and affordable Internet connection. Individual forms of access must not be discriminated and the network neutrality has to be maintained.

The Pirate Party concedes the natural right for private communication, its anonymity and encryption. The information which is saved about specific users should be provided to the third parties only with a permission of the user or on the base of court decision.

On the other side the Pirate Party will promote the concept of voluntary and free of charge digital identity of every citizen, which will allow him to step out of the anonymity on the internet if he wants so. Digital identity (e.g. an electronic signature or openID) will simplify the dealing with offices, signing the petitions, shopping, on-line discussions and enable an election via Internet.

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