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International Relations

The Pirate Movement promotes respect for the human rights and free availability of information regardless of borders. At an international level we do not intend to selfishly push only for our own interests but we seek true cooperation.

Citizens must make the fundamental decisions regarding international commitments and any foreign military presence within Czech Republic (e.g. radar), by using referenda.

We support the withdrawal of regulations which affect privacy and individual rights. We will commence the negotiations with view to exit from the global treaties which enforce dysfunctional monopolies at the expense of developing countries as well as of our freedoms (ACTA, TRIPS). We will initiate a transparent re-examination of all other international treaties and obligations.

The chief stabilizing factor in the contemporary international community is the Internet. We support its borderless development and application, as it makes information from varied sources available to the people. It was thanks to the internet that citizens united in opposition to the old structures in the North Africa, Spain or Iceland. Internet returns power to the people because it interconnects them.

The Pirate Parties demand that all states guarantee not to interfere with internet communications and to defend technology neutrality. We support the defense of internet regulatory agencies (e.g. ICANN) from all political pressures and demands. Within the European Union we will, in cooperation with other Pirate Parties, promote democratization, reduction of bureaucracy, and free movement of people, goods, services and information. We support the breaking down of obstacles to such free movement.

The Pirate Parties note that the so-called war on terrorism is over. This war reduced individual freedoms all over the world, especially our privacy and human dignity. We do not want anyone at the airport to be stripping us, recording our biological data and then forwarding it to other states. We demand the return of our natural civil rights!

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