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The Pirate Party advocates widely accessible healthcare. We will make the financing of the healthcare transparent and we will limit the influence of the pharmaceautical companies within it. We emphasise prevention, personal engagement in treatment, and privacy protection. Public healthcare should be financed by public health insurance to cover approved standard care in the network of public and private healthcare establishments.

Our country's biggest problem with healthcare resources is corruption, against which we intend to apply an effective strategy. However, there is a number of problems with healthcare which do not necessarily have economic origins. High quality healthcare depends on mutual cooperation of the following institutions:

  • Schools should, in the cause of prevention, teach children to take care of their own health using modern knowledge and to understand the influence of their lifestyles. Schools must give children suitable space and opportunities for exercise and free time activities.
  • Public Research Institutes already finance research into a large proportion of new medicines. Jonas Salk, the inventor of the medicine against childrens' cerebral palsy, was once asked who owns the patent. 'Nobody does, how can you patent the Sun?' was his answer. Pirates also prefer public research grants over patents, as the results then remain in the public domain. That will also reduce the price of medicines payable from the health insurance.
  • Medical Institutes should concentrate on personal approach to the patient and to add good state of health as one of the patient's life goals. Hospital patients should be given quality food and plenty of sleep. We consider the current levels of pay of the healthcare workers as insufficient. However, healthcare access fees do not solve the problem and should not exceed regulation function.
  • Public Insurance Companies must defend the interests of their members and supervise the quality of the supplied healthcare. It is not acceptable for groups of private enterpreneurs to profit from the public health insurance. The members of the public health insurance company should have the final word in its decision-making.

It is useful to remember that a well designed healthcare system should not just treat but it should primarily cure. The Pirate Party advocates deep involvement of the patient in the healing process as follows:

  • Being Informed. Citizens have the right of free choice of the treatment method, which is to be covered partly or fully by the health insurance (including home care, alternative care, etc.). Any patient can refuse a particular treatment as long it is not endangering others, while accepting personal responsibility for possible consequences.
  • Privacy Protection. We support strict privacy protection in the hospitals. Information about the state of health of the patient is amongst the most sensitive personal details and it should be accessible only by the patient and the doctor giving treatment. The patient should be involved in making decisions about the extent of storing his/her health details.
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