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Freedom of Speech

Pirates stand for liberal society where everyone can express their opinion. We want to update the current citizen´s rights, such as petitions, for the digital age. We seek a liberal amendment to the right of gathering to include the same anonymity on the street as on the internet.

Opinion-sharing is a basic form of information exchange and as such it is not harmful. The state should not repress the freedom of speech. Media paid from public funds should represent all points of view and should not depend on politicians sitting on their boards.

A modern human being is not just a passive TV viewer, but it is someone who actively searches for information from independent sources by himself. We share information by a single click with our friends or we organize protests for our rights. The internet community creates blogs, portals, streams and social networks that gradually replace the old model of person-receiver by the new model of person-transmitter. Every Pirate is a transmitter!

The most distinct place for freedom of speech is the Internet and the state should never have the ambition to block or filter any information. Websites have their own technical tools for resolving possible troubles. It is also possible to solve them using the existing civil code.

Laws that guarantee the freedom of speech must be updated and extended to modern technologies. Public meetings and petitions connect the public to the decision-making process and provide important feedback for politicians. Therefore we fight for the freedom to demonstrate, even in digital environment, and for electronic petitions using digital identity.

Liberal gathering laws must respect the right of people to show their opinion peacefully. The police should not use repression if gatherings do not cause fear and are peaceful, but it may separate two gatherings where there is a risk of conflict between them. Pirates demand the preservation of anonymity of peacefully gathered people: we protest against the recording of the identities of peaceful demonstrators by the police. We protest against the change of the law of gathering, which would forbid all gatherings in masks, not just on police demand.

The Pirate Party demands legal protection for citizens who are not afraid to express their opinion and to point out corruption (whistleblowers).

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