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Equality of Rights

Equality before law and the right to self-determination are foundations of modern free society. Aside from actively fighting against discrimination, we promote equal access to public services, equality of different forms of life partnership, and equality of rights of parents in raising children.

Discrimination artificially separates people, therefore we reject it:

  • Racial discrimination. The fight for equality of all people regardless of their skin colour or other physical characteristics has already been won in the last century. We reject racism and we want to solve the problems that lead to racist sentiments and their actual causes.
  • Age discrimination. We reject intentional division of society by age. We support education of senior citizens in the fields of technology and we also support changes in the education system to enable education of older people as well.
  • Religious discrimination. We promote independence of state from religion and we support separation of church and state. Teaching of any religion in state schools should be treated as any other extracurricular subject.
  • Gender discrimination. Pirates stand for free self-determination of gender and sexual identity. We will abolish the requirement to declare one's gender on official documents whenever it is not relevant. We also stand for international decriminalization of homosexuality.
  • Immigrant discrimination. Pirate party is aware of the problems experienced by working immigrants. We will ensure that they will not be exploited by organized crime, provide them with opportunities to get education and find their own place in society.

In order to ensure equality, a long term solution is needed instead of regulations and quotas. High quality widely available public services are the key. They create a good environment for starting a family and raising children (accessibility of education, support of nursery schools and kindergartens, free time activities and so on).

Wide and equal accessibility of education and public services for families protects socially deprived families from falling into exclusion and from transferring this exclusion to future generations. Accessibility of public services will also support people not threatened by such exclusion in starting families. Support for starting families also helps strengthen the demographic structure of the whole society.

The state should not prescribe how exactly a family should look. The state must not tell people how to live together. It is important to support people living together who take responsibility for each other (children, elders, or anybody in need of help) regardless of their number or gender. Living together without children is fundamentally welcome, too.

We respect the natural right of children to upbringing by their parents, even though the parents have decided to live separately. If the parents won't come to an agreement on taking care of their children, we will promote equal options for both parents to participate in raising their children whenever applicable.

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