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We all share our environment. Even our liberty depends on a healthy environment. Smog limits our freedom to enjoy going outdoors, soil pollution limits our freedom to drink from a spring or a well, etc. The Pirate party aims at improving the state of the environment and involving all citizens in deciding the environmental policies by means of direct democracy.

As in our entire program, we consider free access to information and transparent decision making to be indispensable. People have the right to open and easy access to information about industrial plants and their effects on the environment. We also push for more information about the products for sale: their additives, ingredients, raw materials and their effects on health and the environment, including tests on animals.

Being well-informed is also of central importance in the land use and town planning. People should have opportunities to actively participate in discussing and deciding the planning questions concerning their countryside and their environment. There should be a realistic opportunity to call referenda on these questions.

Our further key environmental points:

  • Pirates sort their refuse and support its effective recycling. Recycling should also be a standard practice for the public institutions. It is desirable to prevent the creation of waste in the first place, e.g. during the product design stage. We promote more effective use of the recycled materials (paper, plastic, metals) and the utilization of biological waste products as a renewable energy source. Materials that can be reused must not be burned or dumped in land-fill sites.
  • Development of public transport is a more economical and effective alternative to the individual car use; the cyclists and pedestrians deserve the same attention. We want to re-evaluate the state´s attitude towards the neglected railway infrastructure. That means making a careful comparison with the road investment and approaching a sustainable balanced development of these two fundamental transport infrastructures.
  • Energy policy based on innovation and variety. We want to carefully take into account all positive and negative effects of different kinds of energy production, including their impact on air quality and all other aspects of the environment. High priority issues include energy research, development and applications of new technologies resulting in solutions leading to lower consumption and higher efficiency. We are determined to make rational decisions and not be subject to pressures from assorted energy lobbies.
  • Valuation of mineral resources. We consider the prices at which the state sells our mineral resources (coal, gas, ores) to private companies to be well below their realistic value and we will demand their adjustment towards the market level. This will naturally lead to the rebalancing of the renewable and non-renewable sources.
  • Ecological development of towns and villages. We will support considered and careful planning of urbanization of towns and villages, such that the urbanization will not place an unnecessary strain on the environment, especially on the air quality and the landscape. We aim at creative use of abandoned spaces (brown field sites) by new construction developments. We intend prioritizing modern architecture and culture over industrial warehouses.

The manner in which the environmental protection is to be achieved is the main substantive issue for us. We wish to wind down direct ecological grants, bureaucratic procedures, and artificial introduction of market principles into the environmental protection (trade with emissions indulgences).

We think that the better way is targeted value added tax for activities with negative impacts and, on the other hand, tax relief for more frugal technologies such as recycled packaging, technologies free of emissions, electric cars, etc.

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