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The Czech Pirate Party strongly supports easily accessible education in order to develop creativity, free thinking and democracy.

It is extremely advantageous for the society to have every member with education that will enable him/her to maximize his/her potential. An educated human being can not be easily fooled by media, politics and in life generally. Therefore we see education as a fundamental human right.

The Czech Pirate Party wants equal access to education. A tuition fee could be a difficult obstacle to obtain education for students from poor families. We therefore want all students to have equal access to education.

Learning to work logically with information (the use of Internet and Wikipedia, etc.) is of foremost importance for today's students. We support the updating of the current learning plans, so students will gain necessary skills for modern society (basics of law, privacy protection, financial literacy etc.).

The Czech Pirate Party will encourage the use of free technologies in schools. Such as computer programs that students can freely copy, use at home and even edit the source code. Also the largest encyclopedia – the Wikipedia. The textbooks used in schools should be under free license as well so students could copy them and use them at home.

Every teacher must be able to update, change and improve the materials that he/she is using for education, given that he/she cites the original authors (just as the Wiki does). Using digital technologies helps to efficiently work with information and allows new methods of working with text, images and sound to be utilized. Additionally, it saves money required for paper distribution and is environmentally friendly.

In the education system the Czech Pirate Party promotes:

  • Democratization of basic, middle and university level education. Students and teachers should always be kept informed about school's business and according to their abilities should take part in the decision making process (for instance a bigger role of the academic senates).
  • Establishment of the transparent organization model, including publishing statistical results from tests and competitions and in the case of secondary schools the number of successfully accepted students to universities. These data will be available for anybody as a measure of quality.
  • Redistribution of powers within school administrations to rule out all power being held by just one person (director, rector, dean). Separation of powers and independent control is our goal.
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