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Direct Democracy

We will consistently replace the system of power sharing amongst the old power structures with democracy. Democracy requires direct election of representatives and the possibility to remove them from office, citizens' legislative initiative, referenda, and inclusion of citizens into every aspect of the legislative process.

We promote:

  • Direct election of high level state officials and managers (the President, regional council presidents, mayors, general manager of Czech Television, Czech Radio, inspectors of the Supreme Control Office, Chief Public Prosecutor etc.
  • Possibility of removal from office of directly elected representatives by petition with signatures of voters. As for the indirectly elected authorities, the citizens should have the right to declare snap elections by petition.
  • Citizens' legislative initiative which gives citizens opportunities to present petitions with new law proposals. This can protect those citizens' interests that are ignored by political parties. The Parliament or local government has to address the petition proposal and if they don't meet its requirements within one year, the decision will be made in a referendum. Modifications of the Constitution will be possible only through citizens' initiative, in order to eliminate special interest modifications (these are repeatedly attempted by politicians).
  • Binding referenda at state-level, regional-level and municipality-level to decide on citizens' initiatives or principal issues proposed by the Parliament (international agreements, memberships in international organizations, military bases etc.). The government will not be allowed to endorse any a priori positions; citizens will receive brief summary statements by both the proposer and the opponents of the motion for every referendum.

The rules for the referendum and the citizens' legislative initiative will be based on the Swiss model. The Constitution will determine the format of wording questions in referenda; limitations in frequency of voting on the same issue; proposals requiring a mandatory referendum; requirements on education and experience of the candidates for high official posts (e.g. Supreme Public Prosecutor, judges of the Constitutional Court or National Bank's governor); and required numbers of signatories of a petition so that direct democracy works properly. Votes on hot political issues will be held several times a year on dates determined in advance.

We want to use digital technologies and network of assisted public administration centres to facilitate full public participation. Although electronic discussions and voting are a great way to put direct democracy into practice at low cost, we also support personal meetings of engaged citizens whenever possible.

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