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Free music Piratecon, July 24, 2015, Volyně, Czech Republic

Dear Pirates, supporters as well as enthusiasists,

we would like to inform you about the upcoming Free music Piratecon in Volyně, Czech Republic which will take place on Jul 24, 2015 and is brought to you by the Human Resources department.

The Piratecon itself will take place during the Woodscuplturing Volyně with Free music and a lecture. We will focus in on education and debate about Free music and fight against collective societies. Many small business owners had directly experienced practices of Ochranný svaz autorský (OSA) and Intergram societies. The Pirate reaction to this is the „We play free music!“ campaign. Our aim is to present cheaper and less restrictive alternatives to the protection money required by the societies. Even your parlour can follow this manual and save thousands of Crowns each year while not supporting scavengers!

The Piratecon is following the Julia Reda's „ Meet the New Authors“ event concerning copyright from April 20, 2015. The International department will negotiate presence of MEP Julia as she can provide her input and further debate can enrich both of us. Among other invited there are sole proprietors and small business owners that are under pressure of collective societies, Pirates from all surrounding countries, Mayor of Chomutov - although not a Pirate, still willing to cooperate; as well as Mayor of Mariánské lázně and others.

Among speakers there will be Vojtěch Pikal, Lukáš Findeis and others. Detailed programme will be announced during preparations. Accomodation and catering are provided. The Piratecon is funded from Human Resouces Department. All volunteers are kindly welcome.

Should there be any questions as well as any will to help with organisation, please contact Vladislav Tobias Esner tobias.esner@pirati.cz

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