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Mgr. Filip Krška

Filip Krška Filip Krška is former Chairman of Court of Arbitration, member of Department of Foreign Affairs, and Vice Chairman of Vysočina Region Organization. Nowadays devotes time to Libre Films Festival.

„In order to live I need (and believe I'm not alone) space and freedom to express myself, to be inspired and inspire, to act naturally without fear to break law and be persecuted for ordinary and ingenuous behavior. The law should respect the reality, not distort it in favor of continuity of obsolete monopolies or backing new revenue streams for mafia.“

Filip studied High School Kpt. Jaroše in Brno, participated in International Mathematics Olympiad in Hong Kong (1994) and Toronto (1995, Bronze Medal). Graduated from Numerical Mathematics on Math-Physiscs Faculty of Charles Univerzity in Prague.

Works in IT and Telco industry, advocating free software. Helped to localize microdonation system Flattr or translate subtitles of libre series YFiaS. Works on crowdfunding tools for bitcoin cryptocurrency and uses it for funding free software, culture and activism. Holds golden medal of Dr. Jánský for lifelong blood donation.

Is keen on his family, playing guitar, volleyball, sailing, outdoor activities, tantra, nature…

E-mail/Jabber: filip.krska@pirati.cz

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