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Meeting of the National forum in Brno on August 28, 2010

This page includes all the information on the meeting of the National forum in Brno.

General information

Organizator of the meeting


Mezírka 1, Brno, Czech Republic, 5th floor. Map Please enter the building through the office of WebStep from the side of the street Kounicova.

Parking: There should be space in front of the building on the weekend, otherwise there are 2 parking houses, on of them referred directly from the building (200m – Hotel Slovan), furthermore, there are spots in the surrounding streets, so don't bother with preparations for parking.

Registration form

Registration will provide you meals and reserve you a seat. In case there are too few seats or meals, the priority will be given to the members of the party, then to the registered supporters and then to those of no political denomination.


Time Action
9.00 start of the accreditation on the spot
10.00 opening by the party chairman and welcoming the guests, formal affairs of the summoning
10.30 state of the party address by the party leader
break: lunch at jídelně
13.00 election of the national presidium
15.45 handing the notification of election to the new chairman
16.00 press conference in the adjacent space, photos
16.00 in the main hall Olivie Brabcova talks about the Black Pearl
16.30 coordination of preparation for the elections to communities and the senate
18.00 message of the new chairman of the new chairwoman and the closing of the meeting

After the end of the meeting one may continue to Vienna where the Austrian pirates have invited us.

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