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2013 General Assembly in Pilsen

Basic Information

plzen.jpg The party chairman called a national Pirate meeting.

Semptember 7, 2013
10:00 till 20:00
Starting at 9:00
published on the forum
International Contact
Petr Kopač, international coordinator
phone number: +420 724 542 339

Means of Transportation

  • Just get to the place on this map, parking is free of charge in the neighbouring streets.
  • If you want to go by foot, use this map (1.7 km).
  • If you want to use public transport, just get to the tram number 1 or 4, buy a ticket for 18 Kč in the ticket machine and go in the direction of Lochotín. Leave the tram at station Pod Záhorskem and use this map.
  • If you want to go by foot (2.1 km), use this map.
  • If you want to use public transport, get on the tram number 2 in the direction of Náměstí republiky and use this map.


  • Floorsurfing = free, on the floor, sleeping bag necessary (circa 45 places)
  • Couchsurfing = free, on some couch (few places) sorry, allready occupied
  • Hotel = in Hotel Roudná for 250 CZK per person, double-bedded rooms. Reservations through PP-CZ or individually on the hotel web page. If ordering individually, mention you are coming for the Pirate event to get better price.

Lunch menu

(Carnivores - price 95 CZK, Vegetarian, Vegan - price 90 CZK)

  1. Chicken meat with champignons, jasmin rice (C)
  2. Beef goulash with onion and dumplings (C)
  3. Pork schnitzel, boiled potatoes, a pickle (C)
  4. Greek salad with olives and feta, baguette (Vt)
  5. Spanish beans with tomatoes and smoked pepper (V)

Registration form


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